Avatar System: Set 3

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Avatar System: Description

This is an Avatar System suitable for games, web apps or just for personal use.

This is a huge project with thousands of items, in order to make it affordable I split it in around 20 sets per genre, each set consist of a group of 15-20 items (in different colors, including skin colors) so you can create one unique character, all items in the different sets are designed in a way that they are interchangeable so the possible combinations are endless, more sets you have more combinations you can make… you can even create new combinations or item colors since I’m providing all PSD layered (I will create some tutorials too).

What is included in this download?

Each set contains:

  • 15-20 items, up to 6 color variations per item.
  • 10 different skin colors in each set (including some crazy ones: vampire, zombie, robot and alien).
  • 1 PSD layered so you can create your own colors and combinations.
  • 1 PSD with all items grouped in folders
  • +100 PNG items so you can build your own avatar within seconds.
  • High resolution, high quality bitmaps (3.000×2.500 px).
  • OPTIONAL: Scripts available to rename Photoshop layers and export as PNG in a matter of seconds (I will add it as a separated download)

How could I create my own Avatar in a matter of seconds

Photoshop has some scripts to make it really straight forward: Check out this video

Can I mix features from different avatars?

Of course!!! That’s the whole point of an avatar system: CUSTOMIZATION. If you need help on how to do it: Check out this video

I want an specific item in a different color

No problem, I included a layered PSD file so you can create a new item just by clicking CTRL+U and adjusting each layer.

I want a different T-shirt model

Feel free to modify and combine different items. Since all items are fully layered you have a lot of room to play.

I want to rename all the PNG files in a matter of seconds

I created a script that can rename more than 100 layers and export as PNG in a matter of seconds (I will offer it in another package, until then, please contact me if you are interested).

Avatar System: Set 3

Preview 03

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Avatar System: Set 3

Preview 03